• Products

    IntelliMAX PlantDataMAXIntelliMAX EMI
    IntelliMAX Plant is the SENSYS flagship product. It provides inbuilt support for concurrent multi-client multi-server architecture. Its versatile design, based ... read more
    SENSYS state of the art Plant Information Management System (PIMS), DataMAX is designed to provide comprehensive real time and historical analysis ... read more
    IntelliMAX EMI builds on the capabilities offered by DataMAX with additional features and modules to facilitate state of the art Manufacturing Intelligence applications ... read more
  • Industries

    Oil and GasCementMetalsPower & UtilitiesPulp and PaperPharmaceutical
    The oil and gas industry has been under considerable pressure recently due to challenges faced throughout the value chain i.e. upstream, mid-stream and downstream ... read more
    Cement industry is a capital extensive industry with high fixed and operational costs. In these turbulent times it is vital to focus on operational efficiencies ... read more
    Metal industry is characterized as very dynamic since continuous advancements are taking place in the field of materials and process technologies ... read more
    Power and utilities play a significant role in our daily lives since they are the basic necessities of everyday routine. Given the functionality of these it is vital to have ... read more
    Paper products play a significant role in our daily lives owing to a wide range of products and catering to different needs and aspects. Paper industry is capital intensive with ... read  more
    The pharmaceutical industry has been significantly influential in our lives by developing and manufacturing medicines and drugs that cater to our health issues ... read more
  • Solutions

    Overall Equipment EffectivenessEAIDistributed IntelligenceEnterprise Asset Management integratedAlarm and Events
    Every company wants to focus on enhancing its performance and maximizing its productivity while operating in the most efficient way possible. Excessive downtime ... read more
    Enterprise Application Integration enables users to integrate their different applications deployed across the enterprise. Sensys through its ground breaking ... read more
    Distributed Intelligence solution caters to manufacturing facilities/plants that have multiple facilities geographically dispersed or assets located at remote sites ... read more
    Sensys offers a state of the art solution for Enterprise Asset Management Integration. IntelliMAX EMI built in EAMi framework allows users to seamlessly ... read more
    Sensys offers a very comprehensive and state of the art alarm & event management system that we claim to be one of the best in business. In manufacturing ... read more
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    Services & Support
    Sensys is dedicated to serve its customers in a holistic way and it makes sure that all aspects of services and support are thoroughly covered so that customers ... read more