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IntelliMAX redefines the term, “fully integrated industrial automation system”. It rigorously adheres to a “Deploy Once, Use Anywhere” paradigm to achieve robust, enterprise-wide scale with nominal deployment effort and expense. The result? An exceedingly efficient and flexible system for comprehensive process and equipment operations. From machine HMI to plant operator console to full multi-plant/ multi-facility real time enterprise dashboard, IntelliMAX makes every bit of intelligent, real-time data available to the enterprise without independent integration overhead.



Every business strives for increasing production and decreasing maintenance and operational costs in order to maximize revenue and a world class plant information management system is the first step to achieve this goal.

SENSYS state of the art Plant Information Management System (PIMS) DataMAX is designed to provide comprehensive real time and historical analysis of plant information to achieve operational excellence. DataMAX offers a central platform for enterprise wide visibility of operations which enhances cross functional collaboration and, therefore, accounts for better decision making.



Cement industry is a capital extensive industry with high fixed and operational costs. In these turbulent times it is vital to focus on operational efficiencies to ensure sustainable profitability. Sensys offers solutions in various domains for all processes starting from HMI/SCADA to advanced manufacturing systems utilizing the real-time data to increase productivity and efficiency and minimize downtime. Our experience is unmatched, with the track record for providing state of the art vertical solutions to cement plants locally and worldwide.


Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage industry operates in a rapidly changing and challenging environment with issues such as increasing consumer demands, strict regulatory and quality compliance standards, raw-material availability and price escalations etc. all of which result in hindering growth and sustainable profitability. The work environment is becoming competitive day by day with acquisitions and new entrants entering and eating up market share. All these factors necessitate the need for food and beverage companies to streamline their operations and move towards achieving operational excellence.


Paper and Pulp

Paper products play a significant role in our daily lives owing to a wide range of products catering to different needs and aspects. Paper industry is capital intensive with high infrastructure as well as operational costs. It constitutes several processes that are involved in manufacturing paper from wood. The manufacturing process involves five basic steps that broadly cover the whole process. These include conversion of wood into wood chips, formation of pulp form wood chips (Pulping), Pulp Whitening (bleaching), Pulp Stock preparation and finally paper formation as per requirements.  In addition, several other processes such as chemical recovery that are used in different stages, water and wastewater treatment and boiler and steam management are also critical to operations.

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Chemical plants throughout the world are facing turbulent times throughout their value chain. From research and development to production and distribution, the industry is facing pressure both internally and externally. These include stringent government regulations, compliance, mergers & acquisitions, rising energy and raw-material costs and production inefficiencies.


Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has been under considerable continuous pressure recently due to challenges faced throughout the value chain i.e. upstream, mid-stream and downstream. Demand for consistent, secure and reliable supply at affordable cost is becoming an uphill challenge to which Oil and Gas companies must respond. High exploration and operational costs, regulatory pressures, rising costs are some of the areas which oil & gas companies need to address.



Metal industry is characterized as very dynamic since continuous advancements are taking place in the field of materials and process technologies. The manufacturing companies need to be responsive to cater to the evolving needs of customers. Productivity, asset performance, energy management, inventory management, quality and regulatory compliance are some of the challenges faced by steel industry in particular.



Wind Energy is the most efficient and cleanest resource of Renewable Energy. Today, wind energy is used worldwide in generation of electricity,  pumping water, monitoring sites,  sailboats, and telecommunication industry. Wind Energy is typically generated by wind farms which consist of multiple wind turbines. Wind turbines convert wind kinetic energy into useful electrical energy.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Every company wants to focus on enhancing its performance and maximizing its productivity while operating in the most efficient way possible. Excessive downtime, high rejection rates, bottlenecks, increasing lead times, high maintenance costs are just some of the challenges that have led manufacturing units to consider the significance of real-time data and utilize it in a manner to overcome these challenges.

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Enterprise Asset Management Integration

The importance of real-time data can never be harnessed to its full potential unless it is used not only at plant floor but also with other process and business applications. Sensys offers a state of the art solution for Enterprise Asset Management Integration.


Energy Information Management System

Energy management has taken center stage in the industrial world nowadays as companies strive to improve energy efficiency to improve productivity and profitability. Sensys provides a highly comprehensive and innovative Energy Information Management System that empowers companies to



TechMAX,Sensys is dedicated to serve its customers in a holistic way and it makes sure that all aspects of services and support are thoroughly covered so that customers get the best value. It gets involved not only in design and execution but also offers complete services and support thereafter thus providing a complete package for its clients. Sensys highly skilled Technical Support Team supported by its global network of certified partners works on a mission of providing its users with the most apt solutions to their problems any time anywhere.