Oil & Gas


The oil and gas industry has been under considerable pressure recently due to challenges faced throughout the value chain i.e. upstream, mid-stream and downstream. Demand for consistent energy at affordable cost is becoming a challenge to which the companies must respond. High exploration/operational costs, regulatory pressures, rising costs are some of the areas which oil & gas companies need to address.

Sensys in-depth knowledge of industrial automation helps caters oil & gas companies to address these issues and apply its vast domain of expertise to the field.  We have solutions that cover all aspects of the value chain i.e. upstream, mid-stream and downstream thus providing 360 degree view of operations. Our secure, open, scalable architecture forms the basis for achieving operational excellence and enable the company to meet the highest standards. We provide advanced solutions ranging from HMI/SCADA, Plant Information Management System, Energy Management, MES to Business Application Integration thus providing strong platform to achieve operational excellence.


Operator Level/ Centralized HMI

Sensys provides state of the art customized high resolution representation of plant floor and processes to ensure visibility and traceability of the entire operations in a plant and enabling the management to perform monitoring and control on real-time basis. We have expertise in providing customized dashboards for different operations and processes in Oil & Gas including Compression, Dehydration, Filteration, Purification etc.   We offer operator level console as well as act as a centralized platform in case of multiple facilities thus catering to entire needs of the oil and gas companies.

Plant Information Management System

Sensys offers a ground breaking Plant Information Management System with advanced historian capabilities that allows data collection, data storage, data archiving and instant data retrieval upon user request. This enables clients to centralize data from various data sources and provides a central platform to access historical data. User can perform advanced trending and charting analysis on critical parameters such as Condensate Flow, Inlet/Outlet Header Flow, Gas Flow, Fuel consumed, Discharge Flow etc. Reports can be generated on such KPIs for efficient representation. Thus data can be used to perform in-depth analysis on both processes and operations to get better insights and improve productivity and efficiency.

Leak Detection System

Leak detection systems are an important aspect of pipeline technology specific to Oil & Gas industry. They assist pipeline controllers in detecting and localizing leaks which can be critical in terms of both environmental and financial aspects. Sensys provides ground breaking LDS keeping in view the key considerations such as leak sensitivity, location estimate capability, false alarm rate, maintenance and cost. IntelliMAX has the capability to gather Data from the Control System in place providing real-time monitoring and control of the key parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, mass, volume etc. Using mathematical models and statistical techniques, relationships between these parameters are established and patterns are observed on real-time basis. Probability calculations are carried out using specific algorithms and based on combination of pattern recognition and probability calculations; Sensys provides an accurate and reliable system for leak detection for both Oil and Gas industry.

Pipeline SCADA

Pipeline SCADA is a very important aspect for oil and gas companies owing to their remote locations and geographical disparity. Sensys Pipeline SCADA solution is specifically designed to collect all the relevant data such as Flow rate, Pressure, Temperature etc. from the pipeline on real-time basis and present it in an efficient and customized manner to the user. Our system ensures complete stability and reliability understanding its importance in the context of the industry. It provides complete transparent real-time monitoring and control of relevant parameters to ensure smooth, efficient operations and thus provide transparency to system.

Condition Based Maintenance

Condition based maintenance is a maintenance strategy used to improve the effectiveness of maintenance programs and reduce the life cycle costs of assets. It plays a key role in the capital extensive Oil and Gas Industry. IntelliMAX caters to Condition based maintenance utilizing the real-time data associated with the asset such as running hours, temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, flow-rate, voltage, current, stress, etc. and analyzing these to determine the state of assets. These parameters are regularly monitored on real-time basis and the values of the mentioned parameters are compared against their set points to see deviations. Trends can be plotted to analyze the behavior and thus predict the maintenance.

Distributed Intelligence

The Oil and Gas industry is characterized by remote geographically dispersed multiple facilities owing to several processes and different domains in which they operate. Sensys distributed intelligence solution serves the need by providing an open, secure and scalable centralized platform ensuring lossless integration and hence reliability. IntelliMAX has the capability to act as a local server at each individual site providing real-time monitoring and control at plant level and at the same time act as a central server placed at head office providing complete real-time information of all the facilities at one location. It also has the ability to integrate with the business applications such as SAP, Oracle etc. thus fully utilizing the potential of real-time data using it effectively to take timely decisions.

Integration with ERP

The power of real-time data is fully harnessed when it is utilized not only at plant floor but also with other manufacturing and business applications. IntelliMAX EMI has the capability to integrate the plant floor data with other manufacturing and business applications such as SAP, Maximo etc. This facilitates information sharing across various business functions thus improving coordination and ensuring faster decision making.  In Oil and Gas industry, it is vital to integrate real time information with ERP systems. In addition, condition based maintenance of assets is a key requirement in the Oil & Gas industry. IntelliMAX EMI (being SAP and Maximo certified) completely addresses the needs of Plant Floor – ERP integration.