The pharmaceutical industry has been significantly influential in our lives by developing and manufacturing medicines and drugs that cater to our health issues. However, this industry has been known to be coming under increasing pressure both internally and externally. These include high R&D costs, patent acquisition and expiration, regulatory compliance, multiple facilities, retard growth etc. In order to be competitive in such context and deliver safe, consistent output at maximum efficiency, the need for advanced customized solutions becomes inevitable.

Sensys provides advanced state of the art solutions that are designed specifically to address these issues. It covers areas ranging from HMI/SCADA, Plant and Laboratory Information Management System to MES and Business Application Integration thus enabling the company to achieve overall operational excellence.


Operator Level/ Centralized HMI

Sensys provides state of the art customized high resolution representation of plant floor and processes to ensure visibility and traceability of the entire operations in a plant and enabling the management to perform monitoring and control on real-time basis. We have expertise in providing customized dashboards for different operations and processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry such as Blending, Granulation, Drying, Tableting/Capsulation, Coating etc.  We offer operator level console as well as act as a centralized platform in case of multiple facilities thus catering to entire needs of the company.

Plant Information Management System

Sensys offers state of the art Plant Information Management System with advanced historian capabilities that allows data collection, data storage, data archiving and instant data retrieval upon user request. Pharmaceutical industry is characterized by strict environmental regulations as a result of which a variety of KPIs are tailored to track and govern the regulations. IntelliMAX enables clients to centralize data from various data sources and provides a central platform to access historical data. User can perform advanced trending and charting analysis on critical parameters such as water consumption (million cubic meter/Yr.), hazardous waste produced (tons/Yr.), non-hazardous waste produced (tons/Yr.), greenhouse gas emissions etc. Reports can be generated on KPIs such as Production in tons/day, total energy consumption (TJ/Yr.),   NOx emission (tons/yr.), etc. Thus data can be used to perform in-depth analysis on both processes and operations to get better insights and improve productivity and efficiency.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

SENSYS’s state of the art IntelliMAX EMI solution provides a comprehensive way to monitor and improve the overall efficiency of production processes through its OEE module. IntelliMAX EMI tracks key metrics contributing to OEE i.e. availability, performance and quality and provides users contextual analysis at equipment, assembly, facility and plant level. IntelliMAX EMI’s OEE dashboard enables users to analyze Planned vs. Actual OEE, Visibility of key reasons causing downtime, Knowledge of reasons attributing to performance loss and causes contributing to poor quality. This results in better utilization of the assets and production lines which improves productivity and profitability.

Energy Management

Energy consumption is getting critical all the time for any manufacturing organization. Sensys provides Pharmaceutical companies with specific Energy dashboards in order to enable users to take necessary measures to optimize energy. IntellIMAX EMI provides visibility to system by providing real-time monitoring and control of energy parameters for both supply and demand. By having an accurate data about energy consumption, user can better estimate patterns and perform in-depth analysis to optimize the supply and demand for energy. We offer Real-time feedback via e-mail alerts and notifications when energy consumption exceeds the target value set thus enabling the company to achieve its set targets. We also offer load balancing and optimization taking into account the demand in real-time. This results in secure and reliable energy availability, improved energy efficiency and better profitability.

Planning and Execution

IntelliMAX EMI comes with a fully blown Planning and Execution System which ensures that Manufacturing Orders originated from the Planning department are executed as per schedule. The actual execution is tracked and users can perform analysis later on Planned vs. Actual execution of operations to meet production targets. Any glitch or event that affects the delivery is historized and can be completely tracked and analyzed to determine the root cause failure in order to make sure that such an event does not occur in future.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

IntelliMAX EMI supports complete compliance with the FDA 21 CFR 11 regulatory standard used in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. IntelliMAX EMI tracks each and every change that occurs in the system be it System Events, Process Events, Operator set points, or user log-ins. All of this helps to provide authentic audit trails. IntelliMAX EMI keeps a proper record of FDA regulated information and tracks approval of each activity through electronic signatures. Advanced visualization and analysis is available on all events that occur. Comments and reasons against each event are properly logged and displayed. IntelliMAX EMI also support comprehensive reporting of all events in various formats (excel, PDF, html).

Recipe & Batch Management

Sensys comes up with a highly efficient, customizable Recipe Management system for Pharmaceutical companies which enable them to develop/formulate recipes as per requirements, act as a standardized database for storage of recipes, logically categorize recipes and also integrate with other business applications like ERP etc.  In addition, it enables users to adjust recipes as per actual scenarios and also provides traceability for all batches, products and their ingredients.  IntelliMAX EMI also completely supports the ISA-88 batch management standard.

Integration with ERP

The power of real-time data is fully harnessed when it is utilized not only at plant floor but also with other manufacturing and business applications. IntelliMAX EMI has the capability to integrate the plant floor data with other manufacturing and business applications such as SAP, Maximo etc. This facilitates information sharing across various business functions thus improving coordination and ensuring faster decision making.  In Pharmaceutical, it is vital to integrate real time information of batch execution with ERP systems. In addition, condition based maintenance of assets are a key requirement for the Food industry. IntelliMAX EMI (being SAP and Maximo certified) completely addresses the needs of Plant Floor – ERP integration.