Pulp & Paper


Paper products play a significant role in our daily lives owing to a wide range of products and catering to different needs and aspects. Paper industry is capital intensive with high infrastructure as well as operational costs. In addition, the working environment is critical owing to extensive use of chemicals and challenging conditions.

Recently, paper industry is facing challenging times due to stiff competition, increasing regulations and fluctuating prices. Sensys fully understand the nature of industry and offers tailor made products and solution to address the ever increasing demands and challenges. Sensys aims to make Paper Mills more efficient by helping them streamline their operations and improve productivity. Using real-time data, our open, scalable architecture form basis for advanced solution that help paper mills to achieve operational excellence and improve profitability.


Operator Level/ Centralized HMI

Sensys provides state of the art customized high resolution representation of plant floor and processes to ensure visibility and traceability of the entire operations in a plant and enabling the management to perform monitoring and control on real-time basis. We have expertise in providing customized dashboards for different operations and processes in paper mill including wood conversion, Pulping, Bleaching, Stock Preparation, Water and Effluent Treatment, Chemicals Recovery, Boilers etc.  We offer operator level console as well as act as a centralized platform in case of multiple facilities thus catering to entire needs of the company.

Plant Information Management System

Sensys offers state of the art Plant Information Management System with advanced historian capabilities that allows data collection, data storage, data archiving and instant data retrieval upon user request. Paper mills comprise several processes which lead to a large number of parameters and KPIs to be calculated and controlled. IntelliMAX enables clients to centralize data from various data sources and provides a central platform to access historical data. User can perform advanced trending and charting analysis on critical parameters such as Reel Speed, Stock Flow, Moisture Profile Variation etc.  Reports can be generated on KPIs such as Production in tons/day, average Trim Size/Width, Average Basis Weight etc. Thus data can be used to perform in-depth analysis on both processes and operations to get better insights and improve productivity and efficiency.

Utility Management System

Apart from the basic paper manufacturing process, Paper mills also constitute a number of support processes such as Water Distribution, Wastewater and Effluent Treatment, Chemical Recovery, Boiler and Steam Management, Electrical energy, Compressed Air, etc. which play a significant role in the entire operations. Sensys Utility Management system caters to these systems in an efficient and reliable manner by using real-time information and provides thorough in-depth analysis for uninterrupted and sustainable operations. IntelliMAX empowers the client to perform in-depth analysis on critical indicators such as Wastewater Discharge (gallons/ton), Waste Load (pounds/ton) etc. thus enabling them to keep check on their operations and take corrective measures.

Condition Based Maintenance

Condition based maintenance is a maintenance strategy used to improve the effectiveness of maintenance programs and reduce the life cycle costs of assets. It plays a key role in the capital extensive Paper and Pulp Industry where the goal is to maximize the performance of different assets such as pumps, compressors, etc. IntelliMAX caters to Condition based maintenance utilizing the real-time data associated with the asset such as Running hours, temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, flow-rate, voltage, current, stress, etc. and analyzing these to determine the state of assets. These parameters are regularly monitored on real-time basis and the values of the mentioned parameters are compared against their set points to see deviations. Trends can be plotted to analyze the behavior and thus predict the maintenance.

Energy Management

Energy consumption is a critical factor in Paper and Pulp mills because of multiple processes and complex machinery. Sensys provides Paper and Pulp Mills with specific Energy dashboards in order to enable users to take necessary measures to optimize energy. IntellIMAX EMI provides visibility to system by providing real-time monitoring and control of energy parameters such as energy per ton of paper etc.  for both supply and demand. It has the capability to provide in-depth analysis via advanced trending, charting and reporting on Energy Consumption by source be it Water, Gas, Steam or Electricity. By having an accurate data about energy consumption, user can better estimate patterns and perform in-depth analysis to optimize the supply and demand for energy. We offer load balancing and optimization taking into account the demand in real-time. This results in secure and reliable energy availability, improved energy efficiency and better profitability.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

SENSYS’s state of the art IntelliMAX EMI solution provides a comprehensive way to monitor and improve the overall efficiency of production processes through its OEE module. IntelliMAX EMI tracks key metrics contributing to OEE i.e. availability, performance and quality and provides users contextual analysis at equipment, assembly, facility and plant level. IntelliMAX EMI’s OEE dashboard enables users to analyze Planned vs Actual OEE, Visibility of key reasons causing downtime, Knowledge of reasons attributing to performance loss and causes contributing to poor quality. It provides management with key information at plant level such as Breakdowns per day, Shrinkage %, Qulaity Loss, Speed Loss etc. This results in better utilization of the assets and production lines which improves productivity and profitability.

Integration with ERP

The power of real-time data is fully harnessed when it is utilized not only at plant floor but also with other manufacturing and business applications. IntelliMAX EMI has the capability to integrate the plant floor data with other manufacturing and business applications such as SAP, Maximo etc. This facilitates information sharing across various business functions thus improving coordination and ensuring faster decision making.  In Paper and Pulp industry, it is vital to integrate all real time information such as paper production, energy consumption, quality compliance, raw-material consumption etc. with ERP systems. In addition, condition based maintenance of assets such as pumps, compressors, boilers etc. are a key requirement in Paper and Pulp industry. We also provide Automatic receipt of Manufacturing Orders and Recipes for execution from Central Office. IntelliMAX EMI (being SAP and Maximo certified) completely addresses the needs of Plant Floor – ERP integration.

Central Enterprise Portal

The highly capital intensive paper and pulp industry is characterized by a number of processes and understandably there are multiple facilities that cater to each. In such context, the need for a centralized platform becomes inevitable for better coordination among different functions and better utilization of resources. Sensys provides a state of the art Central Enterprise Portal that facilitates knowledge transfer and provide enterprise wide visibility. It allows a single platform for different business and process applications so that better collaboration can take place and decisions be taken timely and accurately.