Sensys product suite encompasses a broad range of products to help manufacturing organizations achieve operational excellence. It caters to all domains of manufacturing as well as industries thus providing a robust and secure platform for the organizations to enhance their capabilities and attain their desired goals.

Sensys Product Suite includes following products:

  • IntelliMAX Plant
  • DataMAX
  • IntelliMAX EMI

Business Benefits:

Enterprise wide Visibility of operations

IntelliMAX provides a visualization dashboard to all the key stakeholders in an enterprise. In one unified platform, every key personnel whether he is related to engineering, maintenance, production or management, can access his relevant information which results in improved collaboration across the enterprise and enhances decision making. Real time feel and historical data analysis are made available to all the stakeholders locally as well as remotely and each key player remains in touch all the time with the events that occur across the plant floor and hence provides a single version of truth.

Reducing maintenance costs through condition based and predictive maintenance

The challenge of integrating computerized maintenance management system with real time plant floor data in order to ensure condition based maintenance has become an absolute necessity these days. This enables creation of automatic work orders within the CMMS system according to the events that occur on plant assets. IntelliMAX provides seamless integration with CMMS systems through industry standard interfaces therefore provides real time condition based maintenance. This result is massive inventory squeeze and huge reduction in maintenance costs. IntelliMAX Analytical interface provides tools to carry out predictive maintenance and save costs associated with calendar maintenance activities. IntelliMAX therefore justifies your return on investment instantly as it plays such a vital role in cutting down maintenance and operational costs.

Increasing production through comprehensive downtime analysis

Needless to say that any manufacturing facility craves for increase in production and production is indirectly proportional to downtime. Minimizing downtime maximizes plant availability and ultimately increases Connectivity plant’s production. IntelliMAX revolutionizes the way of performing downtime analysis through its powerful Analytical features which extensively cover Alarm and Event Management and backtracks to the root cause of the problems that occur. You can drill down to the root cause of any problem and ensure that such actions are refrained from in the future to decrease your downtime and increase productivity.

Enforcing regulatory compliance across the enterprise

Proper implementation of Regulatory compliance has become ever so important in order to ensure quality of business products and is also one of the main factors around which risk management is done. Regulatory compliance is especially a must for batch industries like pharmaceutical and food where organizations need to carefully monitor the records in electronic form that are modified, archived, retrieved, or transmitted under any records requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. Data-MAX fully complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR part11 and allows to keep complete track of events that occur on plant floor layer. In addition, IntelliMAX is built on windows authentication security to completely track electronic signatures of each user in the company to ensure accountability.

Improve decision making through Advanced KPI Calculation and Analysis

Importance of exact calculation and careful analysis can never be overstated in today’s competitive business world since they impact the entire profitability and strategy of a business. Data-MAX provides advanced process functions to precisely calculate your KPIs. In addition the built in MAXAnalyst tool provides comprehensive drill down analysis through its analytical tools. This drastically improves decision making and ultimately leverages output.

Minimize your deployment costs

Cutting down configuration and deployment costs plays an important role in overall controlling business costs. IntelliMAX comes with “Deploy Once, Use anywhere” philosophy and deliver slowest multi server deployment with lowest cost and without any performance compromises. Its reusable component architecture saves configuration and engineering time. With IntelliMAX, there is never a need to visit the facility physically because IntelliMAX comes with web based (remote) engineering features. Also, IntelliMAX extremely simple licensing saves significant time and cost on license management. IntelliMAX smart web based clients ensures that license is only deployed on the server side and no installation is required on the client side.

Integration with Business and Plant Applications

Integration of Plant floor data with Business and Plant applications is becoming a norm these days since the world is quickly moving towards a central integrated solution from which they can analyze their entire business process and reduce maintenance and operational costs. IntelliMAX not only feeds plant data at real time to other business and plant applications but also offers a central visualization dashboard. This enables the users to view all of their business layers through one portal and therefore removes the pain of managing multiple applications across the enterprise and Provides seamless integration with applications like SAP, Maximo etc.

Technical Benefits:

Unmatched Reliability

Reliability is the foremost requirement of any plant information management system. IntelliMAX comes with a completely fault tolerant server architecture. IntelliMAX ensures round the clock availability of data. In a geographically distributed solution, it ensures automatic synchronization of databases in case of any communication infrastructure break down. All in all, IntelliMAX lives to ensure that not a single point historization at any instant is missed.

Realtime High Data Integrity

IntelliMAX fully realizes the importance of lossless data storage and ensures high data integrity in most stringent of conditions.

Ultimate Scalability

IntelliMAX is based on an extremely scalable architecture and offers the functionality of multi-server and multi-client plug and play. It has the ability to collect data from disparate units into a central data repository. IntelliMAX can start off with very small number of points and later on can be scaled to hundreds and thousands of points simply by replacing the old server license file by the new one. This doesn’t even require a server shutdown or restart and therefore saves any downtime, whatsoever.


IntelliMAX has the ability to handle huge loads of data under extensively rugged environment without any server breakdown. Whether it is a rough environment of cement or stressful conditions of power, IntelliMAX comes with stability of the highest order. Even under these challenging conditions, IntelliMAX offers instant retrieval of data.


IntelliMAX gives you the power of implementing role based granular security across the enterprise. You can control the rights of users as per your requirements. Furthermore, IntelliMAX security is powered by windows authentication, meaning that your Plant Information Management System can use the exact security model that applies to your corporate network. In addition, Data-MAX comfortably accommodates multi-layer firewall and network configuration to protect data from unauthorized access and tampering.

Simplified Engineering and Configuration

Technical complexity is a major hindrance in the engineering field since it is directly proportional to consumption of man hours. IntelliMAX expertly addresses that problem by providing extremely flexible engineering environment. IntelliMAX offers the power of concurrent engineering in which multiple engineers can configure the project on a single server at real time and all the changes are incorporated into the project instantly without the need to restart any application which significantly reduces engineering man hours. In addition IntelliMAX inherently comes with the concept of object templates in shape of MAXObjects which utilizes the power of software reusability to its fullest and cuts down engineering time. In addition its single framework provides access to all modules on a single platform. This completely removes the pain of configuration of projects.

Simplified Licensing

IntelliMAX revolutionizes the way of licensing with its concept of Smart Web Based Clients. Now you can save your hours on managing multiple complex licensing philosophies. IntelliMAX requires a single license file to be deployed on the IntelliMAX Server Machine. There is no need to install any license on the client machine since any machine can become a client. This removes the concept of seed based clients and enables users to fully utilize the concept of web applications.


IntelliMAX supports a concurrent multi server multi-client architecture and supports interoperability of the highest order. It can gather data from multiple IntelliMAX servers and other third party servers over OPC and ODBC. IntelliMAX can act as a server and client through OPC DA (Data Access), HDA (Historical Data Access) and A & E (Alarms and Events). IntelliMAX plug and play server functionality puts it in a different class altogether.

Ease of Use

IntelliMAX comes with a single integrated framework and offers an extremely user friendly environment to work in. Its integrated framework allows users to access every module from a single platform. The inherent MAXAnalyst enables instant resource switching and simplifies navigation with the system.