Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

IntelliMAX EMI builds on the capabilities offered by DataMAX with additional features and modules to facilitate state of the art Manufacturing Intelligence applications. 

IntelliMAX EMI is based on a powerful platform that completely supports the core functions of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence i.e. Aggregation, Contextualization, Analysis, Visualization, and Propogation. Comprehensive visualization through charts, reports and trends enable the Management to perform advanced data analysis for strategic decision making. Users can now design information dashboards to monitor their Business wide key performance indicators at real time.

IntelliMAX EMI empowers the users to:

  • Perform interactive analysis on relevant KPIs for each decision maker
  • Integrate EAM systems/modules directly with their production data
  • Increase collaboration between Operations, Maintenance and Production
  • Bridge the information gap between multiple applications deployed within an organization
  • Plan and Schedule production and later on perform “Actual vs Planned” Analysis.


OEE Analysis

IntelliMAX EMI solution provides a comprehensive way to monitor and improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes through its OEE module. It provides comprehensive analysis on the key constituents of OEE i.e. Availability, Performance and Quality. User can drill down on the factors contributing to each constituent and take corrective measures. OEE can be performed at unit, line as well as plant level.

Integration with Business Applications

Integration of Plant floor data with Business and Plant applications is becoming a norm these days since the world is quickly moving towards a central integrated solution from which they can analyze their entire business process and reduce maintenance and operational costs. IntelliMAX EMI not only feeds plant data at real time to other business and plant applications but also offers a central visualization dashboard. This enables the users to view all of their business layers through one portal and therefore removes the pain of managing multiple applications across the enterprise and Provides seamless integration with applications like SAP, Maximo etc.

Planning and Scheduling Engine

Planning and Scheduling is an important feature of IntelliMAX EMI. It enables manufacturing units to track execution in light of the original plan and schedule. This tight integration between planning and executions keeps all the stake holders in loop while the manufacturing on shop floor is in progress. At any point in time, the users can find out whether the production is going according to the plan or not. Automatic notifications are sent to the relevant stakeholders whenever the production deficit beyond a user defined threshold occurs between the planned and actual execution. Whenever there is any occurence of an unscheduled event, IntelliMAX automatically adjusts the plan for the remaining days and gives the projection of possible production according to the remaining scheduled days. Reasons for all those events that affect the production are recorded and also reported back to the ERP system.

ISA-95 Data Model

The ISA-95 standard encapsulates a proper model for manufacturing operations at plant floor. It defines a standard for interfacing between Enterprise Systems and Control systems. It plays a critical role in standardizing applications that provide an interface for connecting these two layers. IntellIMAX EMI completely follows the ISA Data 95 model and provides the integration between Enterprise (Level 4 )  and Control System Layer ( Level 3 ) on ISA-95 standards. This enables the users to smoothly historize, collect, aggregate and analyze data smoothly via a centralized portal. The information exchange between the two layers takes place through B2MML.

Web Services and Database Connectors

Web-based services connector includes SOAP (Simple Object Application Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer) services. Both allow for the exchange of XML based content. These services expose URLs over which a client can send a query to retrieve data from the service. Web services are typically provided as wrappers over a database. Database connectors typically use SQL queries and result-sets to exchange data between client and server. Some commonly used protocols are ODBC (Open Database Connectivity – most common general protocol), JDBC (Java’s version of ODBC) and OLE-DB (Microsoft’s technology for database access). All of these technologies allow client’s to form connection strings and connect to servers. Clients can then execute SQL queries and obtain result sets against them.

Advanced KPI Analysis

IntelliMAX EMI enables users to calculate Key Performance indicators through Advanced Calculation Engine and Processed Functions. Users can also drill down for in depth information regarding KPIs and perform various functions such as trending, charting etc. for better understanding and decision making.


Extensive Collaboration Techniques

IntelliMAX EMI comes with a Collaboration module that shall include automatic emails and SMSs of critical alarms and events to all the assigned personnel. Collaboration module shall have the flexibility to entertain multiple users, groups, and departments. It will also have the facility to support the following scenarios:

  • SMS’s/emails to any one person
  • SMS’s/emails to any one group
  • SMS’s/emails to multiple groups but not all groups
  • One SMS to all groups