HMI/SCADA – IntelliMAX Plant

IntelliMAX Plant is the SENSYS flagship product. It provides inbuilt support for concurrent multi-client multi-server architecture. Its versatile design, based on “Deploy Once Use Anywhere” paradigm, makes it suitable for a wide variety of critical unit, plant, supervisory or multi-plant applications.


  • Unit Level Advanced HMI
  • Plant Level Operator Console
  • Plant Supervisory SCADA
  • Geo-SCADA

Unit Level Advanced HMI

IntelliMAX Plant simple yet powerful deployment fits well into unit HMI applications. Each unit server will have an integrated basic historian. “Operate Anywhere – Engineer Anywhere” design allows an operator to monitor critical data from other units with no integration overhead. Current alarms from one unit may be integrated into another unit in a plug-n-play manner. This plug-n-play functionality also includes historical alarm/event access as well as historical trend data. Real time data from any of the unit servers may also be integrated into other unit servers in the same manner. Each unit server resource may be browsed from another server and integrated with a few mouse clicks. IntelliMAX Plant servers may be deployed in a simplex or fault-tolerant configuration.

Plant Level Operator Console

At plant level the main concern typically is data loading and system performance. With IntelliMAX Plant you can rest assured that your complete plant data may effectively integrated into a unified plant application without any performance compromise. Each IntelliMAX server is capable of handling 100K plus tags. All modules including graphics, alarm generation, alarm/event logging, trend and historian have the ability to manage data bursts of thousands of tag value changes per second without any data loss. IntelliMAX preferred implementation philosophy is to minimize re-integration effort and unnecessary data replication. For backup and redundancy purpose plant/enterprise level historian databases may be maintained for historical alarms/events and trend data. IntelliMAX Plant servers may be deployed in a simplex or fault-tolerant configuration.

Plant Supervisory SCADA

In case where non-IntelliMAX based unit HMI or DCS solutions have been employed, the IntelliMAX Plant still has a place in your plant as an overall supervisory SCADA system. The data integration and data dissemination capabilities of IntelliMAX plant will allow plant supervisors or engineers to have comprehensive real time view of the operations. Remote web access for plant wide data is an obvious additional benefit. IntelliMAX Plant can also perform the supervisory alarm/event management function including alarm/event aggregation, reporting and logging. Conditional and schedule based scripts can allow high level supervisory functions implemented at the IntelliMAX Plant layer. IntelliMAX Plant servers may be deployed in a simplex or fault-tolerant configuration.


Most Geo-SCADA application today will be able to leverage a high bandwidth WAN / intranet backbone infrastructure. IntelliMAX Plant can use this network to provide a multi-site Geo-SCADA enterprise class application framework. Again the key is concurrent multi-client multi-server architecture. This is a perfect fit for the “Deploy Once Use Anywhere” paradigm, which forms the basis of IntelliMAX Plant. The resulting system can be configured in a secure manner from any Geo-SCADA WAN computer. Also any of the sites can be observed from other sites or a central location without any integration overhead. IntelliMAX Plant servers may be deployed in a simplex or fault-tolerant configuration.


Real-Time Monitoring and Control

The importance of information can never be under-estimated in a plant facility. IntelliMAX provides real-time access to plant floor data enabling the users to monitor plant health and also control the plant on real-time basis.

Alarms & Events

Alarms and events are critical to operations of any plant. IntelliMAX enables the organization to store all the key parameters critical to manufacturing/production, monitor these parameters on real-time basis, set limits for variation of these key parameters, generate notification once the limit is reached, prompt necessary action to be taken against these, keep record of the events that occur and log the data for future consideration analysis.

Trending and Charting Visualization

IntelliMAX offers state of the art trending and charting features for in-depth analysis. User can observe patterns linking various parameters and draw logical conclusions based on the results.

Geographical SCADA Configuration

In case of dispersed assets or multiple sites, IntelliMAX has the capability to act as a centralized platform for these and provide a secure and robust ground where all the information is collected on real time basis and decisions being taken.

Open Connectivity

An open scalable architecture is a must for modern technological systems and that is what IntelliMAX is built on. It can interact with other systems over multiple interfaces such as OPC Classic, OPC UA, OLEDB etc.

21 CFR 11 Compliance

IntelliMAX fully complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR part11 and allows keeping complete track of events that occur on plant floor layer. In addition, IntelliMAX is built on windows authentication security to completely track electronic signatures of each user in the company to ensure accountability.

Role Based granular security

IntelliMAX comes with role based granular security and enables organizations to implement n-level security. Administrator can easily control the level of privileges that need to be given to Engineers, operators, managers etc.

Remote Visualization

IntelliMAX enables real-time monitoring not only at plant site but also enables real-time access at headquarters so that the decision makers can benefit from the real-time information and take accurate timely decisions.

Web-Based Clients

With IntelliMAX you can now keep abreast of what is happening at plant site wherever you are. We offer web based clients in collaboration with Microsoft’s internet explorer so that user can have access to all plant information on real-time basis by launching client on internet explorer.