Plant Information Management System – DataMAX

DataMAX, SENSYS state of the art Plant Information Management System (PIMS), is designed to provide comprehensive real time and historical analysis of plant information to achieve operational excellence. It offers a central platform for enterprise wide visibility of operations which enhances cross functional collaboration and, therefore, accounts for better decision making.


DataMAX offers a complete data management solution built on a highly robust, tremendously versatile and truly agile architecture and caters all of your current and future requirements. It beautifully simplifies the arduous task of managing your entire plant floor data through its user friendly environment which runs throughout the product and enables users to perform unparalleled data analysis. DataMAX redefines the role of a high performance and high data integrity real time historian for all key stakeholders related to operations, maintenance, engineering and management. It’s a unified system designed to align business and technical processes.


Alarm and Event Historization

DataMAX distributed architecture ensures that data can be collected from disparate data sources into a single consistent database. Following are the key features:

  • Data Acquisition from multiple DA and A&E sources
  • The concept of SCADA partner allows commenting/annotations on distributed data remotely from the central node.
  • Distributed live storage locations
  • Time and Event based scheduling of backups creation.
  • Provision of Historical Data Access to other parties.

Smooth One Click Display Navigationenergy_management

DataMAX comes with the functionally of MAXAnalyst which provides smooth navigation with in projects. It’s one click navigation provides instant analysis of parameters. Users can seamlessly switch controls/resources and parameters can be viewed in Real Time and Historical Trends and Alarm Controls in a click of a button.

DataMAX also provides user visualization and operations (data) controls to analyze the logged data using A&E (EEMUA191compliant charts, A&E controls (history / current) and DA data trends (history / real). The analysis can be applied anywhere in the project (Screen, Trends, A & E controls and charts).

Multi-server data aggregation and analysis

DataMAX comes with an inbuilt ability of aggregating data from multiple sources/servers and provides advanced analysis on it. DataMAX Aggregation displays and EEMUA 191 compliant A&E charts allow users to apply engineering and business knowledge to historical data, while built-in engineering unit conversions help users view data in a format that makes sense to them inform of derived tags. (E.g. the derived tags).Aggregate data may be combined with business data to provide a view of the entire operation.

Open Connectivity

An open scalable architecture is a must for modern technological systems and that’s what DataMAX is built on. It can interact with other system over multiple interfaces. DataMAX can connect to other applications over OLEDB with its OLEDB Provider and OPC. It also comes with Historical Automation Wrapper for acquiring historical data. It can also connect with third party applications via web services and its own data connectors.

Advanced Reportingdashboard_motor_compressor

ReportMax offers comprehensive data export to excel, resulting in the creation of complex and content rich reports available on demand at the click of a button. User can Share, collaborate, and act to keep enterprise functioning flawlessly by harnessing the power of ReportMax. Reports are available in Excel, PDF and Web Formats. ReportMaX Comes with complete excel capabilities to calculate advanced and complex formulae through standard excel functions. It also contains chart displays.

Advanced Data Compression Techniques

DataMAX comes with special compression algorithms to optimize the disk space utilization for storing data. This drastically decreases the overhead of disk space management for customers.

Comprehensive Archive Management

DataMAX offers multiple archives to be attached to it at any time and performs smooth historical analysis on it. This includes:

  • Portable history backups.
  • Link in place: This enables the users to link up with the history backups at different servers without copying operation.

Thus data is available and accessible at all instances from number of backups.

Event Server and 21CFR11

DataMAX fully complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR and allows to keep complete track of events that occur on plant floor layer. In addition, DataMAX is built on windows authentication security to completely track electronic signatures of each user in the company to ensure accountability.

Real time and Historical trend visualization

DataMAX offers state of the art trending facility for historical and real time analysis of parameters. DataMAX trending module comes with:

  • Facility to annotate parameters.
  • Configuration of font style and size
  • Customizable Trend Printing
  • Multiple grid support
  • Alarm Control Limit Display
  • Display of Advanced Processed Functions

Role based Granular Security

DataMAX comes with role based granular security and enables organizations to implement n-level security. Administrator can easily control the level of privileges that need to be given to Engineers, operators, managers etc. DataMAX also provides windows authentication in order to align the product security with your corporate network security.

KPI Calculation

You can now calculate your Key Performance indicators through Advanced Calculation Engine and Processed Functions. Users can drill down for in depth information regarding KPIs.


Accumulators are an important tool since they are used to keep track of incremental runtime data like run hours of equipment and DataMAX comes with Accumulators with which you can keep a close eye on.

Reusability of Components

DataMAX comes with the concept of MAXObjects which utilizes the power of software reusability. It is a totally object oriented approach which reduces man hours by creating an object template and then reusing it to instantiate objects.

Verstility and Flexibility

DataMAX is based on a completely flexible and versatile architecture. It is completely aligned with the proven standards and platforms in the industry.