Sensys Advanced Integration Solution for Plant Maintenance

Sensys takes pride in being a certified partner with SAP and in providing a state of the art solution for manufacturing facilities by integrating IntelliMAX with SAP Preventive Maintenance module.


IntelliMAX, Sensys industrial automation software based on ground breaking technology supports seamless integration with SAP’s Preventive Maintenance module in order to facilitate Manufacturing Processes, Plants and Facilities to benefit from the Real-Time information available and use it to perform Condition Based Maintenance. The real-time information at plant floor is not only critical for floor operations but can also be used with other business applications to provide a holistic approach towards achieving operational excellence. IntelliMAX being SAP certified completely addresses the need for manufacturing companies to integrate with other business and manufacturing applications such as SAP in order to analyze and determine the state of assets and based on that automatically generate work orders and notifications etc.


The importance of Real-Time data can never be harnessed to its full potential unless it is used not only at plant floor but also with business and enterprise applications. Sensys empowers enterprise and manufacturing organizations to improve the performance and lifecycle cost of their assets by providing seamless integration of its flagship product IntelliMAX with SAP PI in order facilitate Condition Based and Preventive Maintenance. Sensys CBM solution revolutionizes the way maintenance is carried out in organizations and provides the user with a complete maintenance toolbox that enables customer to carry out all types of maintenance activities. It helps the users to shift to the modern and innovative techniques of maintenance like Condition Based and Predictive maintenance while also providing them the facility to apply the conventional calendar based technique wherever desired. This results in making manufacturing companies and facilities more efficient and productive by providing visibility to their system utilizing real-time data and thus helps them achieve operational excellence by ensuring close collaboration between Maintenance and Operations department. IntelliMAX has the capability to gather all the relevant and critical Real-Time data from the specified assets, monitor and analyze this data against their SetPoints and post it in SAP Module where notifications and work orders can be generated automatically against each asset.This allows corrective action to be taken timely thus reducing downtime and breakdowns and in process improving lifecycle cost of assets and improving productivity.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Asset and Plant Floor Monitoring
  • Automatic generation of Maintenance Notifications and Work Orders
  • Unified Analysis on Maintenance and Operational activities
  • Integrated Maintenance and Operations Portal
  • Advanced Reporting, Charting and Trending techniques
  • Alarm and Event Historization
  • Centralized Data Repository
  • Interoperability
  • Collaboration

Key Benefits:

  • Visibility and transparency of asset health
  • Improved asset availability and reliability
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • Prevention of major breakdowns
  • Decrease in maintenance costs and life cycle cost of assets
  • Improved productivity and profitability

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