Question: What do I do if Proxy Server is enabled on client side machine and IntelliMAX Client does not launch?

Ans: Proxy Server sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server. It intercepts all requests to the real server to see if it can fulfill the requests itself. If not, it forwards the request to the real server. If Proxy Server is enabled on client side machine but IntelliMAX Client does not launch it might be due to the reason that Proxy Server cannot read the machine name (i.e. Local Host) and request remains there in Proxy Server. In order to resolve this issue you need to configure Proxy Server Settings on client side machine to enter the URL and Port of the machine where IntelliMAX Server is installed in Exceptions for Proxy Server.

Question: If I install IntelliMAX setup on machine that is connected to domain with wireless network and after completion of setup remove Machine from domain (to workgroup), IntelliMAX server is launched successfully but due to security reasons client does not launch. How do I launch client?

Ans: Add Server Machine IP in Trusted Sites of Internet Properties in order to run IntelliMAX Client on that machine

Question: Whenever I try to launch IntelliMAX Client using Internet Explorer 8 on machines running Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit OS) or Windows Server 2008 (32-bit/64-bit OS), IE appears to be trying to load the Base Window (Launching Pad) but a white/blank Base Window appears. Please resolve?

Ans: The issue will be resolved by running a batch file named as Repair IE.bat with administrative rights to repair IE files.

Question: What are the minimum system requirements of Intellimax Client machine for smooth running?

Ans: The minimum system requirements for successful running of IntelliMAX Client include an Intel Core 2 Duo machine with a 2.0 GHZ processor and a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

Question: While stopping the server, sometimes an issue occurs and the server gets stuck at Stopping Tag Engine….Devices. How can I resolve this?

Ans: You can resolve this issue by killing the main window or process of the deadlocked OPC server, thus resuming the communication.

Question: When I try to Export or Import an IntelliMAX project through Project Management Utility, “Run-time error ‘372’ appears and process does not initiate. How do I proceed?

Ans: TABCTL32.OCX control’s version is compatible with Project Management Utility. IntelliMAX installation package also contains required version of this OCX control and it is placed in IntelliMAX\bin. Now if another application also uses this file and registers its older version (like 5.0.0), then all the applications using new version of this file will break. This issue can be resolved by running the RegisterActiveX.bat file and restarting the server.

  • Click OK on the Alert.
  • Open the installation directory for IntelliMAX server (Default Location: “C:\Program Files\IntelliMAX”)
  • Open Bin folder inside IntelliMAX Folder
  • Find RegisterActiveX.bat file and execute it. During execution of the file, number of registration confirmation messages will appear. Press OK on all these messages.
  • Open Project Management Utility and the Export and Import components will process successfully.

Question: When I run Project Management Utility on Windows Server 2003, I experience following errors:

Run-time error ‘424’: Object required.

Run-time error ’91’: Object variable or with block variable not set.

How do I cater them?

Ans: To run Project Management Utility successfully on Windows Server 2003, you have to execute masado.bat file after IntelliMAX installation. You can execute the batch file at following location; IntelliMAX installation folder\ bin\ msado.bat.

Question: If I try restarting IntelliMAX server immediately after stopping it, with no intervening time delay, it sometimes fails to start and prompts the message: “1053”. Why does it happen and how do I fix it?

Ans: This happens due to very swift start and stop requests to the IntelliMAX services. As the services still are in the process of termination, therefore instant start command may cause conflict. On the prompt appeared OK button on the error prompt will resolve the issue. Now start the server again, and it starts successfully. To avoid this problem, it is recommended not to start IntelliMAX server immediately after stopping it. Rather wait for a few seconds before attempting a restart.

Question: Sometimes when I shut down the IntelliMAX server, the server-side Java debugging console does not close. The system process for the application does not appear in the system processes list and the console window does not disappear even on killing the process manually. Why does this happen?

Ans: This is a rare and random abnormal behavior and is basically caused due to Security Update 978037 to Windows operating systems. When the update 978037 is installed on the machines with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 platforms, this issue may arise.

Microsoft has provided a fix to the underlying issue. Download and install the HotFix file (.exe) on the server machine and the silver bullet resolves the issue. The HotFix Download and its details are available at Microsoft Website


Direct link for the fix of this issue is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982551

Question: In Run Time environment, sometimes data is not visible in IntelliMAX Module windows (i.e. Screens, Analytics, Trends & Alarms n Events etc.) and an alert “Server is not available” appears. How do I resolve this issue?

Ans: In order to resolve this issue follow the steps listed below:

  • Close the window of IntelliMAX Module (i.e. Screens, Analytics, Trend in Real time mode, Trend in History mode, Current Alarm n Event & History Alarm n Event etc.)
  • Open MYSQL folder ((Default Location: “C:\Program Files\MYSQL”))
  • Open MySQL Server 5.0 folder.
  • Open Temp Folder and delete all the files from it.
  • Next when you will open any of IntelliMAX Module windows in Run Time environment, the data will be visible in it.

Question: Sometimes History Trend Control data cannot be rendered even when I have verified the engineering errors and restarted the IntelliMAX Server. How do I resolve this issue?

Ans: If the History Trend Control data cannot be rendered even when you have verified the engineering errors and restarted IntelliMAX Server, then it is recommended to run DB Consistency Utility in order to render data on History Trend Control.
The DB Consistency Utility is placed in Start menu >> All Programs >> IntelliMAX >> Utilities >> DB Consistency Utility.
In this Utility, choose the second option of “To run Historian Data Consistency utility”.