Distributed Intelligence

Distributed Intelligence solution caters to manufacturing facilities/plants that have multiple facilities geographically dispersed or assets located at remote sites. In such case IntelliMAX has the capability to cater both the individual local site as well as the head office. It acts as a local server placed at each individual location providing real-time monitoring and control of the entire facility and as a central server placed at the head office providing key information and parameters of all the facilities enabling the decision makers to take timely apt decisions. This way all the information is centralized at one location and analysis be performed.

IntelliMAX ensures lossless data transfer from all the sites with the capability to synchronize data in case of network failure thus ensuring lossless integration and hence reliability.

The importance of real-time information is valued greatly in business applications installed at the head office. Sensys via Distributed Intelligence solution provides seamless integration with business applications installed at the head office such as SAP, Oracle, etc. facilitating enterprise wide visibility and the benefit from the real-time information.



Centralized Data Repository

Distributed Intelligence solution provides a central unified platform catering multiple sites where data from all the remote servers (at each site) is retrieved and stored. Users at central station can perform real-time monitoring of all the key parameters at each site which would enable them to take timely and meaningful decisions.

Comprehensive Archive Management

Distributed Intelligence solution enables multiple archives to be attached to it at any time and performs smooth historical analysis on it. This includes:

  • Portable history backups.
  • Link in place: This enables the users to link up with the history backups at different servers without copying operation.

Thus data is available and accessible at all instances from number of backups.

Store & Forward

Distributed intelligence comes with the key feature of store and forward that makes sure that even when communication link is broken between the central station and site office, the data for that period of time is stored at the site server and once the communication is restored the lost data is automatically synced with the central server.

Integration through OPC – UA

OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture) extends the highly successful OPC communication protocol, enabling data acquisition and information modeling/communication between the plant floor and the enterprise. While OPC Classic is limited to Process Control Network, OPC UA allows data to be modeled as information from Process Control Network to Business Network. The OPC UA Server embodies the functionality of existing OPC (Classic) Servers using a single set of services. IntelliMAX fully supports the OPC-UA Server and Client that enables it to fetch and serve data to multiple devices on control layer. In addition to this, it fully utilizes the OPC UA functionality to establish communication between the process control and business layers. OPC – UA plays a pivotal role in Distributed Intelligence solution where communication between local and central platforms is established via OPC – UA.

Remote Web Based Engineering of Local Servers

Another important feature of distributed intelligence is that it enables users at central station to perform remote engineering of local servers from the central server. Thus any modification or addition can directly be performed on all the local servers from the central server without the need of going to multiple sites independently and conduct engineering.