Energy Information Management System

Energy management has taken center stage in the industrial world nowadays as companies strive to improve energy efficiency to improve productivity and profitability. Sensys provides a highly comprehensive and innovative Energy Information Management System that empowers companies to gather data from different sources, extract useful information, perform advanced statistical analysis, and enable prompt planning and decision making at both operations, maintenance and management levels. It follows Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement that enables companies to achieve incremental improvements in processes by carefully analyzing the areas for improvement, utilizing information extracted from the data, taking necessary action, analyzing the result, and gathering feedback.


Energy monitoring, Target setting, and Reporting (MT&R)

Energy monitoring, Target setting, and Reporting (MT&R) is a standard framework used in industry that utilizes real-time information for gathering, analysing, benchmarking and improving on energy consumption patterns. It can be performed at a particular area/section of plant, equipment or process, department, plant or site. The three component activities are distinct yet inter-related.


Energy monitoring involves collecting energy specific data from disparate sources i.e. meters, historians, PLCs, DCS etc. and providing a unified repository for visualization. The data is generally related to energy consumption, cost and its drivers. Sensys EIMS provide interactive role based dashboards that provide real-time as well as historical insights on consumption and usage patterns. Energy consumption can be segregated based upon processes, departments, equipment, systems etc. depending upon the user requirement so user can keep abreast of consumption patterns and take timely decisions.

KPI Calculation 

With real-time data user can now calculate Key Performance Indicators through Advanced Calculation Engine and Processed Functions. Users can drill down for in depth information regarding KPIs such as kwh/ton, kcal/ton, Nm3/ton, MJ/tons, etc. for each input and perform various functions such as trending, charting etc. for better understanding of the process and decision making.

Advanced Analysis Tools

In order to better analyse and interpret data, Sensys EIMS provides numerous advance analysis tools that user can use to drill down the process. Techniques such as CUSUM (cumulative sum of variances) can be used to identify changes in the patterns of energy consumption, historic and current comparison can be made at asset or process level, control charts can be plotted with pre-defined limits to see performance against set points, variances can be analysed to see performance against planned performance and so on.

Target setting

The energy used by any business varies as production processes, volumes, and inputs vary.  Determining the relationship between energy consumption and drivers allows better understanding of consumption patterns. Sensys EIMS uses advanced statistical tools such as Regression etc. to develop relationship between energy consumption and independent variable. Using this relationship energy consumption can be predicted for different values of independent variable and targets can be set. The difference between predicted and actual can be analysed to take corrective measures and improve process.

Energy Audits

EMIS plays a significant role in supporting energy audits undertaken by a company by providing visibility and transparency in terms of production and consumption patterns of energy. By comparing energy consumption per unit product, cost per unit, efficiency per process etc. against industry norms energy consumption and cost saving targets can be set and authenticity be given to system.

Energy Waste Management

By having a comprehensive and detailed overview regarding energy consumption Sensys EIMS lays strong foundation for energy waste management. User can develop energy flow charts and identify potential areas for eliminating energy waste whether they exist in production processes, auxiliary or in common use.

Energy Benchmarking

Sensys EIMS provides both internal and external benchmarking for overall energy consumption, cost trends, specific energy consumption etc. throughout the facility. Internal benchmarking includes historical vs. current analysis via trends, charts, and tables that allows user to evaluate and find out reasons for deviation from ideal behaviour. External benchmarking involves comparing the mentioned parameters against other units in similar industry. This way user can set its goals based on established patterns and realize best practices.

Root Cause Analysis

In the event that a particular production unit, process, or facility consumes energy more than is recommended or in case of any abnormal behaviour or breakdown, Sensys EIMS provides instant prompt with capability to drill down reasons for such abnormality. User can identify key elements by carefully analysing historic data and establish links between the event and factors associated.


After collecting and comprehending data the next step involves communicating it as per assigned roles in the form of standard or customized reports. EIMS provides reports and easily comprehendible charts for each level of management that can be configured using standard as well as complex excel functions and made available in web, excel or PDF formats.

 ISO 50001:2011 

Effective and efficient energy systems are not only a manufacturing/business necessity but have also become a requirement that needs to be met. Sensys Energy Information Management System provides companies with a systematic approach to comply with ISO 50001:2011 by adhering to all the requirements and procedures that needs to be followed.