Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration enables users to integrate their different applications deployed across the enterprise. Sensys through its ground breaking IntelliMAX EMI technology provides a complete integration framework for integrating various kinds of applications.

IntelliMAX EMI’s centralized portal enables integration with systems like:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )
  • Computerized Management Maintenance System ( CMMS )
  • Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )
  • Supply Chain Management System ( SCMS )
  • Financial Management System ( FMS )

IntelliMAX EMI supports application connectivity through standard communication methods like:

  • Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP )
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP )
  • Ole for Process Control ( OPC )
  • Open Database Connectivity ( ODBC )
  • Action Message Format ( AMF )


Single Platform to access Multiple Applications

An organization comprises several different systems and applications to run its business in an efficient and reliable manner. IntelliMAX EAI solution provides the organization with a single platform from where users can access different applications and benefit from them. User can open IntelliMAX as well as other third party applications other than IntelliMAX in the same portal as provided by Sensys. User can not only access but also perform analysis and share data on the portal. This facilities better collaboration and coordination amongst departments which are now in a position to take better decisions.

Centralized Data Repository for Multiple Applications

The importance of data can never be underestimated in a manufacturing organization. IntelliMAX EAI provides a centralized database where data from different applications can be stored on a single platform. This data can be utilized by IntelliMAX as per need and also be made available to other applications that require.

Cross functional Analysis

The different departments in an organization such as Production, Engineering, Supply Chain, Finance, etc. each have its own set of Applications to perform its task in the best possible manner. However, in the competitive context today the need for coordination is essential for different functions to perform at their best. IntelliMAX EAI solution enables the different functions to seek the relevant data from the other and bring it to use for better understanding and decision making.

Enterprise KPI Analysis

In any manufacturing organization key performance indicators play a significant role in assisting management to take necessary actions and decisions. IntelliMAX EAi solution enables the user to calculate Key Performance indicators through Advanced Calculation Engine and Processed Functions. Users can drill down for in depth information regarding KPIs such as cost per ton, consumption per ton etc. Each function can create its own KPI which can then be shared across the enterprise so that each function can relate to it and benefit.

Unified Analysis of different Enterprise components via single portal

IntelliMAX EAI solution not only provides access but also enables the management to perform analysis on different applications installed at the site. The different applications can share data at a common platform from where it can be accessed and utilized as per need.

Open connectivity via Web and Database Connectors

An open scalable architecture is a must for modern technological systems and that’s what IntelliMAX EAI is built on. It can interact with other system over multiple interfaces. It can connect to other applications over OLEDB with its OLEDB Provider and OPC. It also comes with Historical Automation Wrapper for acquiring historical data. It can also connect with third party applications via web services and its own data connectors.