Enterprise Asset Management Integration

Sensys offers a state of the art solution for Enterprise Asset Management Integration. IntelliMAX EMI built in EAMi framework allows users to seamlessly automate the flow of information between their Process data and Business Applications for Asset Management like SAP PM, Maximo, Oracle, Infor etc.



Real-Time Asset and Plant Floor Monitoring

The importance of information can never be under-estimated in a plant facility. IntelliMAX EAMI solution provides real-time access to plant floor data enabling the users to monitor plant health and also control the plant on real-time basis. This information regarding key parameters enables management to take prompt actions and timely decisions.

Automatic generation of Maintenance Notifications and Work Orders

Sensys EAMi solution has the capability to integrate with Plant Maintenance Software to enable Condition based maintenance. This removes the high costs involved in conventional Preventive or Calender based maintenance techniques. It also facilitates automatic generation of maintenance notifications and work orders based on actual conditions of the assets like asset usage, complex condition of the asset etc. Sensys EAMi solution drastically removes maintenance costs and reduces inventory.

Integrated Maintenance and Operations Portal

Sensys EAMi Solution offers a unified portal for simplified collaboration between Operations and Maintenance. The portal allows operations and maintenance engineers to visualize assets from multiple aspects and ensures consensus among different departments for taking crucial decisions after having access to Combined KPI dashboards. All the relevant events such as EAM events, CMB events, Process events and operator action events are historized and available for advanced analysis. The portal also has the ability to integrate other business applications like LIMS, CRM, HRMS, etc.

Unified Analysis on Maintenance and Operational activities

An important feature of EAMI is that it enables user to perform unified analysis on both Maintenance and Operational activities by defining a combined set key performance indicators associated to both the functions. By sharing a common platform where they can share information both departments can utilize the information available for decision making. Both Maintenance and operation departments being interlinked value great deal as sophisticated analysis can be performed and better decisions taken.


IntelliMAX supports a concurrent multi server multi-client architecture and supports interoperability of the highest order. It can gather data from multiple IntelliMAX servers and other third party servers over OPC and ODBC. IntelliMAX can act as a server and client through OPC DA (Data Access), HDA (Historical Data Access), A & E (Alarms and Events) and UA (Unified Architecture). IntelliMAX plug and play server functionality puts it in a different class altogether.


Collaboration is a key feature of Sensys EAMi solution. It includes automatic emails and SMSs of critical alarms and events to all the assigned personnel. Collaboration module shall have the flexibility to entertain multiple users, groups, and departments. It will also have the facility to support the following scenarios:

  • SMS’s/emails to any one person
  • SMS’s/emails to any one group
  • SMS’s/emails to multiple groups but not all groups
  • One SMS to all groups