Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Every company wants to focus on enhancing its performance and maximizing its productivity while operating in the most efficient way possible. Excessive downtime, high rejection rates, bottlenecks, increasing lead times, high maintenance costs are just some of the challenges that have led manufacturing units to consider the significance of real-time data and utilize it in a manner to overcome these challenges.

OEE is the premier tool used to depict the Performance Scorecard of any manufacturing organization. SENSYS’s state of the art IntelliMAX EMI solution provides a comprehensive way to monitor and improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes through its OEE module.


OEE takes into account three metrics:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

OEE =   Availability x Performance x Quality

The OEE module in SENSYS IntelliMAX EMI Solution collects all the relevant information via the control systems installed at the site and then provides in depth analysis on OEE calculation and the factors that contribute to OEE.

Availability Performance Quality
Date Range Average Run Length (mins) Number of Rejects
Asset Average Units per Run Percentage of Total Rejects %
Shift Number of Runs Percentage of Total Units Produced %
Product Speed Loss (mins) Lost Time (mins)
Operator Speed Loss (%) Average Time between Rejects (mins)
Downtime Category
Downtime Reason


  • Real-time monitoring and control of KPIs
  • Reduction in down-time
  • Decrease in maintenance costs
  • Identification of bottlenecks in Manufacturing Processes
  • Better equipment and plant scheduling
  • Improved quality of products
  • Reduction in waste
  • Improved capacity planning
  • Comparison between Actual Performance vs. Standard (Target) performance
  • Effective utilization of assets
  •  Increased Productivity
  • Increase in Efficiency and Effectiveness of Plant
  • Improved Profitability


Availability Analysis

IntelliMAX OEE module provides advanced downtime analysis enabling the user to trace the root cause of breakdown and perform necessary action to ensure plant reliability and efficiency.

Performance Analysis

It enables the user to monitor and benchmark the performance of plant and processes in-real time based on key performance indicators specific to each and take thus measures to improve productivity and profitability.

Quality Analysis

OEE empowers the manufacturing organizations to achieve and sustain high standards of quality by reducing the rejection rates thus enabling consistent conforming products as per requirements.

OEE Dashboards

OEE dashboards are a critical feature covered in OEE module. It provides custom defined dashboards as per requirement of the client enabling enterprise wide visualization for better monitoring and analysis.

Advanced Reporting

It offers comprehensive data export to excel, resulting in the creation of complex and content rich reports for better understanding and analysis. Moreover, the reports are available in excel, PDF, and web format to cover all domains.

Flexibility & Scalability

OEE module is based on a completely flexible and versatile architecture. It is completely scalable allowing user to focus on specific assets keeping in mind the constraints and extending to multiple assets thereafter.

Role based Granular Security

It comes with role based granular security and enables the organization to implement n-level security. Administrator can easily control the level of privileges that need to be given to engineers, operators, managers etc. It provides granular role-based security allowing users to access data relevant to their role and position.