Production Planning and Scheduling

Production Planning and scheduling is that critical phase from where the process of production at the shop floor starts. Careful planning of production according to the orders and then its scheduling in order for smooth execution are critical for any production facility. IntelliMAX facilitates the planning and scheduling and then tracks its execution in light of the original plan and schedule. This tight integration between planning and executions keeps all the stake holders in loop while the manufacturing on shop floor is in progress.


Production Planning

Planning module enables management to effectively and efficiently plan production orders keeping in mind several constraints such as delivery schedules, machine/line availability, lead time, material availability and capacity utilization. The objective is to achieve maximum output at a minimum cost. IntelliMAX facilitates creation of production plans in light of mentioned constraints. Automatic notifications are sent to the relevant stakeholders whenever the production deficit beyond a user defined threshold occurs between the planned and actual execution. Whenever there is any occurrence of an unscheduled event, IntelliMAX automatically adjusts the plan for the remaining days and gives the projection of possible production according to the remaining scheduled days.

Production Scheduling

Scheduling module ensures execution of jobs as per production plan. It provides real-time monitoring on execution of production plans within pre-defined limitations. Sequencing feature provides flexibility to manage any change in delivery time or specifications based on customer requirement. Operator can simply use drag and drop capability to move jobs up or down the queue to accommodate changes. Color coding can also be applied reflecting production status of the job.

Recipe Management

Consistency and conformity to specifications are key quality measures of a production process. IntelliMAX ensures that production is carried out within the tolerance limits and the specifications as stated by the customer are met throughout the process. In case of deviation, notifications can be triggered and alarms generated. It ensures complete recipe management as per customer requirements and also accommodates changes to provide flexibility.

Scrap Management

IntelliMAX provides comprehensive quality management based upon pre-defined algorithms. If at any point in the process the output fails to meet the criteria defined it is categorized as scrap and reported as quality loss which can be quantified. IntelliMAX caters to quality loss so that reasons can be logged for the loss and corrections be applied if possible.

Performance Management

Sensys Production Planning and Scheduling solution offers the manufacturing facility to track performance of its production line (s) so that operator can realize and address the issue on time. User can monitor and benchmark the performance of its production line by comparing actual time taken to scheduled time or actual output vs. planned output on-real time basis and calculate speed loss. Reasons for lag can then be traced, logged and addressed.

Integration with ERP

IntelliMAX is fully capable to integrate with business applications like ERP so that an enterprise wide approach can be adopted towards improvement. All the production plans can be imported from the ERP system and output scenarios are reported back so that management can keep abreast of real-time situation and handle changes or variations if any.